why work with us

The WELLSSPRING team is comprised of smart, fun (& witty) startup and enterprise executives from multiple industry’s with deep experience in customer focused product development, software development, business process engineering, sales, marketing and human resources. We LOVE what we do!

WELLSSPRING founder, Robert W Wells is a Seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur & trusted start-up technology executive with a 17+ year successful track record of architecting, building and delivering innovations to market and managing the teams that bring ideas to life. Proficient building and managing technology initiatives and blending customer/user experience, business strategy, process excellence and product development experience into every initiative.

Robert started his first business at age 16 and began his career in technology developing interactive websites in college. After college, he joined an eCommerce software firm (dot.com) in Virginia as a web developer and software UI developer. Soon after, he moved to San Francisco, CA to pursue his passion for business development & computer engineering. Along the way, he founded an early stage accelerator and launched 15+ startups and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs. Robert has held roles as CIO, CTO, CEO and Sales Executive and experienced startup acquisitions and exits.

Want to talk startups & technology? Robert is a Startup Council Member & Startup Ambassador for Palm Beach Technology Association. Visit the #PalmBeachTech site.

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